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Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hi all! I was so busy designing and teaching that I neglected my updates for the blog. Plus my daughter is getting married in August. Although I do not do much for it, I still have some things that relate to it and I love that. I am so happy for Rebecca and Geoff and can't wait until that beautifully planned ceremony will take place. 
So, I hope I am forgiven for my silence. :)
There are many designs and happenings in my knitting world that I did not cover here. 
I will take it slowly. 

This design is from Twist Collective, Winter 2012.  I know, 2012 and now it is 2014.  It is well overdue to post about it, but I wanted to say a few words anyway. I love this top and it looks so great on Katy, my favorite model.

My inspiration came from two sources:

1. Astra is a Russian name of a flower that in English is called Aster. Those were the flowers we had at our wedding.  During winter we did not have many choices, but it turned out to be a perfect one. It is pure, elegant, unassuming, and simple. If I had my wedding today, I would choose them again. 

2. A very elegant yarn by Catherine Lowe in a beautiful raisin color. It is soft and rich with such a smooth stitch definition. Just a plain Stockinette stitch is enough to make a rich and beautiful garment.

Well, no matter how I try to design simple, I always need to add some interest to it. So, I did. A beautiful border at hem and sleeves made it gently finished. 

Raglan cables are also showing off well and they go all the way to the neck edge through welts of garter stitch.

This is a model from TC who wears the neckline in a different way as an option.

I just love these ladies! So beautiful! Thank you for showing off my design.

I also have to say that every time I am working with Twist Collective, it is a smooth ride and I feel that everyone there are very professional and they truly care about the outcome.

Here is the link to Astra on TC page

I have another design published with Twist in 2013. It is called Charette

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