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Monday, September 9, 2013

My daughter's sweater and Martin Storey

I thought I would write it almost right away after the last post, but... I hope I am forgiven.
So, here is the story. A few months before the last TNNA my daughter has decided to make a sweater  for her fiancĂ©. She is a good knitter and made many projects, but only one simple sweater, as I recall. After looking at men's sweaters on Ravelry, they chose this design by Rowan designer Martin Storey called Moorhouse. Martin is a very big name in knitting world and has way over thousand designs for men, women, and children.
This is a model wearing Martin Storey's sample.

I always admired my daughter for not being afraid to do very ambitious projects learning in the process how to do it. Just look at these cables and a collar! It is challenging even for a very experience knitter. And the back looks the same in terms of cables.

They chose and bought the yarn and got the book with the pattern. There were charts, which she copied, made bigger, and studied. The only thing I suggested is to knit this sweater in the round up to the armholes. You know me, the one who tries to knit everything seamlessly :) 
She successfully made all pieces and I gave her a quick lesson on 3-needle bind off and how to seam. I told her not to attempt sewing in the collar without my help, but she wanted to finish it and did it. It turned out great. I am so proud of her! 
Here is the photo of the sweater she made:

The sweater that my daughter made. The model is her fiancĂ©.  

Isn't it great? She did a terrific job in my opinion. So, I had this photo on my iPhone while I was at TNNA.

One of the nights a group of us was sitting at the bar and I learned that Martin Storey, who is a British designer and lives in London, is in fact at the next table. He does not come very often to TNNA, so it is not a usual thing to see him there. His new book just came out and he was there to promote it. 
I thought if I take a picture with him and send it to my daughter she would be thrilled. But how do I ask him to take a picture with him? I did not want to embarrass myself by just walking up to him while he was relaxing with friends after a long day. 

While I was contemplating how should I do it, one of my friends, Marly Bird, was called by a person sitting with Martin for a business chat. On a way there, I stopped Marly and told her about my plan and asked her to ask Martin through that woman, if it is ok for me to bother him.

It turned out that I was silly to worry. Martin is a very nice man and was very approachable.  
When I came for a quick photo, he wanted to see the photo of the sweater that my daughter made. He asked what was her name and said that I should tell her that she did a very good job. 

So, we chatted a little more with him and my co-author and a friend Simona, who joined me as I was going to see Martin. He asked what do we do and we shared with him that we design knitwear and just had our The Art of Seamless Knitting freshly published. He asked us to see the book. 
So, we showed him the copy that Simona happened to have with her at the bar. It seems that Martin genuinely liked our designs and took time to look at the whole book. It was so incredibly gratifying to get such high marks from a well-known designer. 

All in all, I can say that this happened to be not only a nice surprise for my daughter, but a wonderful and memorable thing for me. 

Martin Storey and me.