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Thursday, July 4, 2013

A quick TNNA recap

As many of you know, every 6 months I go to our trade show called TNNA. Every time I pack I am thinking to myself that I am not sure if I really need to go there. And it never fails: I have the best time at the show with my friends, always make new connections that  lead to something very exciting, learn about  new yarns, books, companies, new magazine issues, etc.
I get such an energy charge and inspiration from being there just for four days that it lasts another 6 months. So, yes, I do need to go to TNNA.

This time it was even more special. My co-author and dear friend, Simona Merchant-Dest, and I had a book signing event at the Interweave booth. We always have great time together, but this was something else.

Almost all our projects were with us at the show. 

There were only 3 mannequins  but they had very cute skirts.

We had almost all our projects with us and we had so many people coming and telling us how much they loved the book and how excited they were about the topics covered in it. The book signing was allotted for an hour,  but we were done in less than half an hour. All 50 books were given away and signed. I can't tell you how gratifying this is for us to see such wonderful reaction to our book.

What can be better than hearing that after two years of working on this book people do love it. Yay!! That was the reason we did it! We wanted to share what we know about seamless knitting and cover some topics in depth that were never discussed in print before.

We were so busy with many business meetings that honestly we had almost no time to walk the show and see many new yarns and new products. Mostly we were looking at yarns that will suit our future projects. So, I can't really tell you much about what new products are coming to the stores near you, but one thing is for certain that you will see them soon. So, go and check with your local yarn shop. They brought a lot of stuff back.

Once a year my other good friend, Marly Bird, puts on a huge Designer's Dinner for us. It became a traditional event that everybody is waiting for. I am telling you, to make this happen it is like to arrange a wedding. So much work is going into setting it up and preparing all those fun activities, it is unbelievable! Among other things, Marly approaches different companies for donations that reflect their new line of products and we all get a bag full of goodies. Thank you, Marly and all the donors. Here are some of the things we got in that bag:

Namaste's Jemma Pouch, Lion Brand Yarns' tape measure, Pony needles,  and Kniteerella's tags.

Wrapture by Eucalan
On Saturday night it was a gathering at one of the restaurants. It was great to see all the teachers and staff of Craftsy there.    

Simona,  Linda Permann, and my head :)

The show was open until 6 pm most of the days. After that people went to dinner with friends or colleagues where business continued on unexpected levels. You got to know people more in a fun and relaxed environment. And it continued at the big bar of Hyatt. 

It will be a long list to name everyone we talked to. Just to name a few:  Josh Bennett, Ellen Gormley, Drew Emborsky, Ysolda Teague, Rebecca Velasquez, Stephen West, Dora Ohrenstein. This is just a tiny fraction of that list.

Here is one more picture for you.
With Rebecca Velasquez, Ellen Gormley, Simona, and Laurinda Reddig

After I came back home, I had to spend some time to sort things out, to send emails, and just get some sleep. 

It was a very productive TNNA despite the tone of this post. Some very attractive deals were cemented and I am looking forward to work toward the set goals. 

Simona and I both got some teaching invitations and we are open to more of that kind of work. We are promoting our book by teaching workshops at different venues, doing book signings, and offering a trunk show of the book projects. 

I also have a very interesting story to tell you, so please come back to read the next post. 

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