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Saturday, August 25, 2012

YAY!! Back to normal life!

Sorry for being away from my blog. I had such a pile of things to go through that I was not able to think straight after each work day.
I did not plan this way, but it happened that I had to work on 7 projects with almost the same due date. Looking back I think it was quite crazy. Looking forward, I am proud of myself and am looking forward to see them published. Especially the one that I am particularly happy about. Hint: It is a dress in the next issue of the one of the most prestigious knitting magazines. VERY, VERY happy about this.

On top of these projects my co-author and I are editing our book with Interweave Press, and I am also working on edits of my class.

Now, that all the projects are out of the house and edits are almost done, I feel that I can look around and see that I am back to my normal life. It does include work, of course, but it is very manageable. 

At the beginning of summer I went to New York and had some great time with the family. Here are some photos from that trip. My aunt Shirley showed us an interesting place called High Line.

 It is a great example how you can transform and old and not used area into one of the attractions of NY city and place to jog, rest, and enjoy a small version of a botanical garden.
I have a few photos from that place. As you stroll on a practically straight line where the industrial and merchant train used to bring goods and meat to the shops in that area, you see this beautiful plants that are thoughtfully arranged in the real rail road tracks. There are places to sit and enjoy this part of town and some artist performances and exhibits.


We also had to go to the new World Trade center site and I was in owe when I saw what they have done there. The complex is still under construction, but so many people are coming to see it and be at the place where someone they knew spent his/hers last minutes of their lives. It is awesome to be there. I am very proud of the work that is done in this place. So much thought went to the design of it.

After a very busy summer I am back to normal life and finishing one of the projects that I have in plans for my own line FGDesigns. This time it is a small shawl made in a Russian traditional garter stitch lace. I wanted to make it simple, so the person who is new to shawls can easily make it. It is not done yet, but I can give you a little peek at it.