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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Free eBook on Copyright for Crafters and Artists

Interweave press released a new eBook. This is something that many of us talked about and were wondering what exactly is a copyright when it comes to patterns, books, blogs, etc.

When I helped out at the yarn shop I encountered many times this scenario: a customer brings a copy of a pattern (sometimes mine) and asks for help with the project. The fact that this pattern was copied without a permission of a designer who worked very hard to calculate all the sizes and write the pattern for any knitter to understand how to make this project is a copyright violation!  This is just one of the examples how some people neglect to think that it is someone's work and they only can use it for their enjoyment, not to copy and give to a friend. Teaching a class from a pattern is o.k. as long as every student in a class has a legitimate pattern. These and many more issues are explained in this free book.

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