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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring and Women's Day March 8th

I can't deny (nor I want to) that we have a full-blown Spring here. All trees are blooming and it looks like someone went through town and painted it in all these gentle colors. In our front yard there is an oriental plum that is covered in little flowers. I know, it is not a very straight tree. My husband and I are not very good gardeners, but the tree doesn't mind. It is very healthy and gives us wonderful plums every year that I freeze in little plastic bags and use all year long for making a quick jam or adding to some meat dishes.

 Do you know that in Europe there is a holiday on March 8th which is basically of a Mother's Day scale with some addition of elements of Valentine's Day? It is expanded to all women and even little girls.  Women get flowers, attention, etc. Since it is at the very beginning of the Spring it is also a celebration of Spring. In any case it is a very nice day for many who celebrate.  At the time of communist Eastern Europe it was also a holiday that people did not connect to politics although the roots of it are political. Nobody wanted to remember that and we all enjoyed that day.

Now, when the Soviet empire's time is over, people do not celebrate many of the political holidays of the past. The March 8th is one of the holidays that made their way to this new era. 
I live in America for many years now and my family and I celebrate American holidays, but my close friends who live in Russia make sure to reach me on this day and say hi. It brings only good memories of my past life. 

Who cares where and when this holiday takes place. I want to say to all women today: "You are beautiful and worth of celebrating every day! These flowers are for you."

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