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Monday, March 12, 2012

Calypso Capelet in Creative Knitting Magazine

 Last year (2011) Calypso capelet was included in the book Simply Circular published by the House of White Birches. Now it is included in the Creative Knitting Magazine, which is also DRG Publishing.

The special issue of this magazine is called Make it This Weekend and apparently it is on the newsstand as we speak. I did not get my copy yet, but I know that there are many projects included.

This is the quote from their website: This value-packed special delivers 40+ time-saving, money-saving, stash-busting projects for knitters of every skill level in 116 pages of glorious color!

See the previous post about this pattern here.

So, if you did not get the book, here is your chance to get this pattern.  

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