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Saturday, January 28, 2012

TNNA January 2012 update and the tour schedule for Seamless Crochet

TNNA is very important for me for many reasons. It is an energy boost, creativity endless supply, a place where everything in this industry comes together: yarn, books, magazines, people, shop owners, website owners, fashion, education, new exciting projects made and designed by very talented people, events like book signings, dining together, hanging around with friends and meeting tech editors, authors, designers, yarn company owners and so on.
Being consumed by all of this makes me forget to take pictures that really show what is going on there. Most of the photos I have are the ones that my friends and I take when we stop and one of us remembers that we need to take some. We all take out our cameras and iPhones and one-by-one take all the photos. This one is done, so until the next stop. It is seriously so busy there in a good way that taking pictures is the furthest thing from our minds. Later we all complain that we did not do enough of it.
This TNNA was very productive for me, but there were some commotions before I went in. First of all, my plane from San Francisco was late and finally cancelled. I was put in the hotel  for 3 hours and on to the next flight. When I came to my Phoenix hotel, I needed to take a taxi to go from the hotel to one place and later realized that my iPhone is lost. To make this story short (and it was about 4 agonizing hours long) I am very grateful to people in lost and found at the airport who contacted my cab (for some reason I remembered the cab number) and they have found my phone. I was so happy about this! It is an absolute confirmation of our attachment to technology. Well, at least mine:)

Other than that I had a wonderful time and here are the pictures to prove it.

It happened that many of the book signings were on the topic of crochet. Here are some of them.

Dora Ohrenstein always have a good time together. This is her book signing event. Her new book Custom Crocheted Sweaters is published by Lark Crafts. It is a beauty full of tailored beautiful garments with a lot of great insights from a master of crochet herself. If you like to crochet, check it out.  On both pictures Dora is wearing her garments from the book. Isn't she fabulous?

 Kristin Omdahl is a well-known crochet and knitting designer. She has a new book out called Seamless Crochet. There is a blog tour going on and I will be a part of it. Don't miss it. I am posting the schedule at the end of this post.

Next signing was of Simply Crochet by Robyn Chachula. Two of my dearest friends Simona Merchant-Dest (left) and Marly Bird (right) have patterns in this book.

 They were signing copies of the book to each other in our private little party. I got the book with all three signatures. Great memory. Here Simona is signing for Marly and Marly is taking our picture.

Three of us on a different day at Meet and Greet.  

 Good picture of Simona and me.

Melissa Leapman and I were caught by Stefanie Japel having a deep conversation at the booth of Craftsy. com, a new and incredible website that offers online classes, workshops, and in February it launches designer pattern stores. I will have one, so come on over to see what I have there.

Other photos: Stacey from KnitPicks has to bend her knees to look a little less tall next to me. Next picture is with Sarah Wilson a.k.a. The Sexy Knitter. You should see her low back on this dress. Fantastic!

And here is one of my favorite yarns Claudia Hand Painted Yarns and Claudia herself, warm and fun as always.

I know you had enough, but... two more. 

Left to right: Robyn Chachula, Simona Merchant-Dest, Linda Permann, Jill Wright, and Faina Goberstein

A sensational designer Josh Bennett who has a new collection of menswear designs for Rowan yarns is a great guy and we had a wonderful chat with hi. He works with Irina Shabayeva , the winner of one of the seasons of Project Runway, and has many big things happening with big-name designers. I am going to have his interview as soon as I am done with the book.

The schedule of blog tour for Seamless crochet

1/27 Crochet Guide
Crochet by Faye
1/31 Guide to Crochet

She Knits When She Should be Writing

Sara Likes to Make Stuff

Jimmy Beans Wool Blog

Rebecca Velasquez Designs

Yarn Thing Blog and Podcast

live interview with Kristin, 12 pm Eastern
Hook and I

Faina’s Knitting Mode

The Crochet Doctor
Stylish Knits

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Many knitters are familiar with work of Connie Chang Chinchio. Her designs are published in Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Twist Collective, a few books, and through her own line of patterns. Her book Textured Stitches which is published by Interweave Press just came out and it is very "Connie". Read more...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Hat Called Lenta

My model Melissa and I had so much fun playing with my new design Lenta (A Russian word for ribbon). You can come up with many more ways of using this knitted ribbon and see this hat transformed. My pattern is going to be released very soon for my store in Ravelry. As I mentioned before I am very busy right  now, but I thought I will show it to you anyway. Maybe it will speed things up for me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Talking about being busy

 Happy New Year to all my readers!!! 
Let 2012 be a perfect year for you!

I kind of disappeared from the face of the Earth for awhile. Believe me, I would love to tell about my latest endeavors but I have to wait a little longer. I can say that I am working on a big project that takes all of my time. I am designing, knitting, calculating, and writing, but can't talk about it. Bummer!

In a week I will go to TNNA and that is always a very exciting event for me. It is everything I like about being involved with the knitting industry.

 My new designs came out and I did not even have time to introduce them.
 The new book featuring Cascade 220 sport yarn is a big success. It is published by Soho Publishing and I have two designs in it.

      Lace Stole


  Ribbed Fingerless Mitts



 Both designs were fun to make and I hope you will take a look at this book full of wonderful and different projects. I am happy to be in the company of such good designers.
Well, that's all I can do today, sorry. Gotta go.