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Saturday, September 10, 2011


One of my new designs is made for the Fall 2011 Fairmount Fibers brochure.

Here is Vienna which is knit in wonderful  Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. 

© Fairmount Fibers

© Fairmount Fibers

My thanks to Pam Morrell for a beautiful job on knitting this sample.


pendie said...

I love it!

Ferngulley said...

Before ever seeing the name of the yarn, before knowing where it was made and how.
I felt connected to it.
For weeks I had only seen the front of the sweater for some reason my searches would not show the pattern name or the back not even the name of the yarn.
My out of date PC hung up.
But I didn't need them I drew my own conclusions because I had been near the regions of it's birth.
To me all of South America has a blending of spirit and since I had been to the Incas, the Mountains of Chiapas, San Cristobal in 1990 my heart is still there.
Knowing the yarn is Manos put me under it's spell.
I envisioned the ladies in their bare feet on the ground spinning the yarn and could still feel their passion that goes into their art.
The country Uruguay gives it mystic.
The broken lines of the design brings a little seperation but it is all connected just as it's peoples are.
Thank you for the dreams this sweater design has given me.
Could you explain the meaning of the name Vienna.?

Unknown said...

Ferngulley,wow! How interesting! It is nice to know that my design can bring these memories to you.
I actually called it Isabel myself, but the company changed it to go with the theme they had.
Thank you for liking my design.

Unknown said...

Thank you, pendie.