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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playing with my new lens

After a long wait and search for prices, I got my birthday gift: Micro-Nikkor Macro lens - 105 mm - F/2.8 - Nikon F. Thank you to my wonderful family for this fantastic lens.

Do not judge my photos, please. I am so not a professional photographer! My wish is that I will learn how to use this wonderful tool and make some great photos. For now, I am in the stage of exploring what it can do without much knowledge. So, here are some shots with it.

My new design for my own line. It will be published very soon.

My plant in the front yard is trying to say that Spring is here, but the weather here is more like Winter right now.

This is a special bottle of beer from our local Sierra Nevada brewery. It was a gift.

The delicious Beet Salad you see on this photo is made from
_ beets
_ green apples
_ pine nuts
with some lemon juice and salt.

I think the photos are pretty good, right? I know, I know. They can be much better. I will learn how to make them better.

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