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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am so glad to be home after three weeks. During this time away I had all kinds of things happening. It started with incredible New Year gathering of our family. We rented a huge house for a week near Los Gatos, CA and all of us had very comfortable rooms with our own bathroom. There was a gym downstairs and plenty of room to sit and do whatever. My husband had two eye surgeries after that with a break in between. I snicked out to Long Beach for a weekend of TNNA and came back to San Francisco. Second operation was a little rough on Simon and we had to stay with our friends longer, so his doctor will see him again on Tuesday.
There was no way to come home and go back, so we had to stay and do all our work-related and for me also knitting-related activities. I missed one of the important meetings yesterday, but one of my co-workers (I am so thankful!) was on a phone with me, so I could choose my classes for the next two semesters.
I also managed to do one submission from there. (It is a very involved process, by the way) and two of my designs are accepted. I am very happy and waiting for the yarn for three projects to come very soon. The third one was commissioned by a company at TNNA while I was walking by wearing my jacket (not published, of course). That was fun!

So everything is well now. Simon loves the result of his surgeries and ready to work. It was not a very restful, but very productive break from school. Now back to work.

I wanted to share these photos with you. Our friend is a great mushroom hunter. This is his latest find. It is a real porcini from CA.

It is huge and gorgeous. When our friend cut it he saw that it was very clean and edible. I just had to take a picture. It deserved it.


Heather said...

holy cow! that is massive!

excellent about the jacket as well

Unknown said...

Hi Heather,
Just could not help myself. Had to take the picture. It is more beautiful in real life. I did not have my good camera with me.

Thank you on the second part. I am happy.

Linda P said...

Faina, It was so good to see you again at TNNA! I am with you, so happy to be home again, traveling is stressful especially when surgery is involved. Hope your husband is recovering well...and I hope you got to eat some of that delicious looking mushroom!

Unknown said...

Linda, I wish we lived closer! My husband is fine and loving the result. Yes, I love mushrooms, but did not get to eat this one.