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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am in the middle of finals week, so I can't say that I am fully devoting my time to knitting and designing, but I want to taste a little bit how it will be VERY soon. So, today I am at home. To start the day right I had to have some home-made cappuccino with this little device that I bought at Sur La Table. I love it. You can make milk to a great foam in a few seconds right in your cup.

So, here is my wonderful foamy cappuccino in a cup that I got as a gift from my friend Olga Tonjes, the owner of T-Spot Yarn, Gifts and Chocolate . I am not sure you can read what's on a mug. It says "Knitting is Sexy".

The needles I am going to use are these beautiful and very sturdy small needles from company called Blackthorn. They are wonderful and very efficient. The points are great and they are very sturdy even in the smallest sizes. I know I will enjoy using them.

If you are a knitter, I know what you are thinking: "She is into socks these days." Well, yes and no. Yes, I will make some sock design(s) and no, I am not using these needles for socks only.

And here is a little peek at what I am up to lately.

I am playing with different techniques and gauges. Who knows what I will do with these swatches. There are so many possibilities.

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