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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Just wanted to share my excitement with everybody. I live in a place of no "real winter" as far as I am concerned. Yes, we can drive for about 30 minutes and see the real snow, but not in this town. Do not misunderstand me, it is cold enough for me. We do wear warm jackets and all. There is something very peaceful about white fresh snow. Since I know my chances here to see it through my window, I get excited when I see some frosty roofs and grass in the morning. So, here it is.

I know, I know. Not a big deal for all of you who are shoveling the snow to get out of the house. We do not have beautiful white, fluffy snow waves covering all the bushes and grass...
But then I have these in my yard.

These are seedless, sweet and sour mandarins that are as tasty as they look.
I love winter and my new camera.

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