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Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am so lucky to have a birthday around Thanksgiving. When I was born in Russia, I did not know that. Here, in America, people get a few days off work and gather around the table with their families to celebrate my birthday...I mean, Thanksgiving :). Both of my kids can come home since they do not have to work during this holiday. This time they came for four days. The house is not used to having so many people at once instead of just my husband and me. I love it. I love to cook for this holiday and love to be at the table with my family eating, laughing, listening to their stories. We went for a walk to the park, watched movies, football games, my daughter and I did some knitting. I am very thankful for all of this.
I am lucky to have a small but very close extended family. I love them very much and miss living close to them.

I also am very thankful for all of my "fibery" friends whom I either met in person or know through the knitting industry. They are all so talented, interesting, and fun.

I still have friends in Russia and I am very thankful that we can talk with them over Skype. It makes it so easy. I just connected with my dear friend Vera whom I did not see for many years and now we talk often like there were no years between us.

I am enjoying all of this, working with my students, and seeing my designs in print. What else do I need? There is nothing better.

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