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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yarn Harlot is making my Sweet Honey Beret!!

For about two days I was trying to figure something. It was a complete mystery to me why the "user activity" tab on my Ravelry page suddenly was going crazy. So many people came to see my designs and liked one hat called Sweet Honey beret that was published in the Winter 2008 issue of Interweave Knits in particular. I was not aware of any forum discussions, or promotions going on. Since it is not my nature to leave things unresolved, I searched in many different directions, but could not find anything.
It was not before my friend Heather of Intwined Pattern Studio told me, I learned that famous Stephanie Pearl McPhee a.k.a. "The Yarn Harlot" blogged about making this hat. Here is her post.
As most of you know, Stephanie wrote many books on the topic of knitting. If you have never read her books or magazine articles, prepare yourself for a treat. She is funny, informative, and inventive in a way she relates the story. Stephanie very quickly became an important figure in our knitting world. She also is a great knitter. You can see her own designs here.
I already thanked her personally for choosing my hat for her next small project and I am happy that she likes it. The mystery is solved in the most exciting way.

October 12th: Stephanie posted pictures of her daughter wearing her new beautifully made hat.

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Adushka said...

ну это же и правда супер красивый берет :-))) Фаина, как же следить за твоим блогом? на что нажать? :-))