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Monday, September 20, 2010

Keeping my head just above water

I do not want to sound frustrated or negative as I am describing all the things I am working on at the moment. In fact, I am surprisingly calm about all the deadlines piled up on me. I believe that I can do it no matter what is on my way. I guess I am used to it by now and I am grateful that my designs are chosen.

If I count how many projects I am talking about, it will probably be close to 12. I am including the finished ones and the ones in progress or in planning stages but all of them need to be done withing three months.
They all are very different and it makes it a lot of fun for me to figure out how to achieve that certain look that I was planning. What makes it especially challenging with some projects that when I make my submission / proposal I am using the yarn that I have on hands and my sketch to come up with the look for a garment.
If my submission turns positive and I get to make this project, it can be out of very different yarn chosen by the magazine or the editor of a book. I have to swatch many times to get the same feel of the proposed design. It can be fun, frustrating, or both.

There is also calculating for many sizes (grading) that can be pretty painful. Another challenging part of designing is a logical explanation of the knitting process. It has to be short and clear. I guess my background of a design engineer and a math instructor is a good foundation for such work.

So, when I am tired and want to do something different, I review books, interview designers, and write a blog post. Seriously, this is how I live these days.

Luckily I have a family that takes me out of this mode and makes me to see the world around me. In fact, last weekend my daughter commented that it was unusual that I almost did not knit for two days. We spent some meaningful time together with her and exchanged some text messages with our son to complete our small family circle. Later my husband and I visited our friends. They have the most interesting garden. Here are some pictures from there.

This fruit is called Jujube or Chinese date. It actually looks more like a cross between an apple and a pear. Very beautiful and tiny.

I wish you all very peaceful time.

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knitus said...

Dear Faina, I admire all your aspirations and your strength to pursue all these wonderful opportunities! Good job and stay optimistic!
Your fan from Rav :)