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Monday, July 5, 2010


A knitwear designer and decorative artist Kristin Nicholas is the author of a new book Color by Kristin (Sixth&Spring Books). From the subtitle How to Design Your Own Beautiful Knits we gather that Kristin is set to teach us how to work with color, understand it, use a Color Wheel to our advantage, and most of all how to be brave and experimental with color combination.
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Marsha said...

Your review is very enlightening and educational. I'd love to win it but if not, will surely look for it to buy.

Unknown said...

Marsha, this is a different book. If you would like to participate in 60 quick knits giveaway, please go to the review that is below and follow the link for a full review. That is the place to leave your comment.

Sorry about this. I hope you understand. I need to keep them in one place.


marlib7 said...

I really enjoyed the fashion show, and the book looks awesome. I cannot believe how beautiful crochet can look, since I was brought up with the granny square. I want to go and tour your site again so much to read. I wish I could go to a show like that some day. The fashion show is my fave

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