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Monday, June 21, 2010


I just got back from a trip to NY, VA, OH, and back to NY before I crossed the country horizontally to come back home. In every destination I had a lot of fun and met with wonderful people. I am going to start with NY city. What can I say. I love New York unconditionally with its noises, smells, masses of people on the streets, subways, parks, museums, incredible architecture, great restaurants, theaters, fashion, and so on. For the first few days my husband and I walked the streets for hours and did not even noticed the time. One day he stayed home and I had a very nice "date" with Dora Ohrenstein at the Metropolitan museum. There is an exhibit called American Woman where we see the transformation of fashion from 1890 to 1940. Here is the video from the Met.

After the exhibit we had lunch and just wanted to talk forever. Dora is such an interesting and talented person! I wish I lived closer to her. After I said goodbye to Dora, I went to see the School Products. It is a yarn shop which is owned by Berta and Rafael Karapetyan. Berta is the knitwear designer and the author of Runway Knits as well as the original owner of Karabella yarns. I had a nice visit with Rafael and was sorry that I did not meet Berta. She was working the next day but I could not come. There is a blog post by the designer Sinje Ollen about this store.
Here are some pictures of NY for you.

We stayed at our son's place in Hoboken, so we had this night view of Manhattan from the other bank of Hudson river. Isn't it beautiful? When I came back from TNNA we had one more day in NY and the weather was very kind to us. It was a beautiful day and we spent it well. We went to Frick Collection the first day and to the Picasso exhibit the last day. So, I have my dose of NY energy that I will treasure.
In between our city visits we went to VA where we celebrated my brother's big birthday. It was great to see our small family together and enjoy the kids. One of them, Andrew (4 years old), was very interested in my knitting. He asked what I was doing and could not believe that I was actually making a sweater for myself. After thinking about my answer for a minute or two he asked:"But do you know how to do it?" I still remember his face at that moment.
It was very nice to see my brother happy and content.
Next day in the early morning I took off for Columbus, OH for a day and a half at TNNA.

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