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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming soon

I feel like I am a TV announcer today. I just wanted to tell my readers that I have a few book reviews coming, some very exciting interviews with designers on DS, and... some book giveaways. Meanwhile I am finishing my semester at work. Only finals are left at this point. It is always a very difficult time emotionally for me. After teaching so many people over 16 weeks you get to know some of them well, they got to know me and my teaching style, the class atmosphere is just where it should be to learn and we have to say goodbye. On top of this there are some students who come to my office and, if you watch the scene that is going on, you would think that you are watching a good comedy. Here is an example:
A student comes in. He is a tall and very quite guy who did not talk to me about his grade all semester long (and he should have). Now he (we will call him M)says:"I wanted to talk to you, so I prepared something that I am going to read". He begins reading his phrases one-by-one looking at me in between.
I: "Sure, have a seat".

M (reading):"I know that I am not a very good student."
"I always came to class."
"I realize that I probably not going to pass this time"
"If I fail, do you mind if I take this class with you again?"
"I just wanted to see if there is any chance that I will get a "C" this time."

I: "Well, M, let me show you your grades on the computer. You have an "F" for homework for the semester, an "F" for all 12 quizzes, an "F" for 3 tests... I can't really see the way to give you a "C" for this class. I cannot even give you a "D". Sorry, but it is too late to talk about the grade now."
M(very surprised): "So, there is no chance for me to pass the class?"

At this point I am expecting him to ask: "What about "B" or "A"?

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