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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Many years ago I bought a book on Twined knitting by Birgitta Dandanell-Ulla Danielsson. Although this book is very interesting with many historical notes and photographs, I always kept it as something I would try one day. I have seen projects made with this technique when I was growing up in Russia. These projects were brought from Scandinavia. As much as I love and admire knitted garments and accessories there was something missing for me in these projects. Needless to say I have never tried to make anything from the book I had.
I have met Laura Farson a few months before her new book New Twists on Twined Knitting came out. I told her about the book I had and she suggested that I should take a look at her book. She mentioned that I might be more inspired to try this interesting technique after seeing her book.
Now, looking at this "New Twist" on twined knitting I not only see what she meant, but also what was missing for me in the projects I saw many years ago. They all were VERY OLD FASHIONED.
Laura took the technique of twined knitting and showed us colors and new styles. Now I am inspired. I really want to try this. So, I started with the simplest of patterns in this 96 page book.
I am not going to mention that it says: Practice project.
It is called Media Case. My iPod needs one, I though. So, here is one third of my case. I am using two circular needles and two colors. So far so good. I love the texture I am getting. My mind is already full of ideas for my future designs where I can use this for at least part of the project. The resulting fabric is thick and holds the shape very well.
So, here is what I can tell you about this book.
What you will find in it is an introduction to twined knitting with great illustrations and photographs that explain step-by-step how to do it.
Projects range from easy to experienced with most of them using color knitting. There are some single color projects, which is more traditional twined knitting. These projects use texture to bring some design elements. If you like to make socks, Laura offers some designs for you as well. There are hats, mittens, bags, neck and wrist warmers. Even a water-bottle holder can be made in twined knitting.
Overall it is a well-thought and put together book with many very approachable projects for different tastes. The photography is great and the model is very cute in everything she models. It is a book that you would want to keep as a reference of the technique and as a book with fun patterns.

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