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Friday, April 2, 2010

Anzula yarn and Hiya Hiya needles

I was going to write about this for some time now. I have to share this with you. This is the yummy yarn that I got at Stitches West from Anzula company.
Anzula is the yarn company on the rise. They have beautiful fibers pared with great variety of colors. Luxury fibers like cashmere, camel, merino wool, silk, and very new and interesting sea cell mixed one way or another to achieve the resulting yarn. Many of the yarns are machine washable as well, if you are looking for easy-care yarn. Just look at these colors I chose. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I am really looking forward to making something from it. One more good thing about this yarn - they are in Fresno, CA. This means it is not going to be a long wait if you order it at your local shop or online.

Another thing I was going to share are my new needles by Hiya Hiya company. 

I saw these needles before, but did not try them. It turns out that these needles come on all sizes, circular or straight,  bamboo or stainless steel... There are interchangeable needles as well. This means you basically choose the tips and different length of cables and switch from one to the next. People who use them absolutely love them. So, I have decided to try some. What do you think I chose? Something that I normally do not do - very small and very very short circular needles. Today, I took some of the Anzula yarn and these needles and started a little sock from the top. First I used both needles, but soon I realized that the needles are so flexible, that I can use one and be comfortable. I could not believe it! Like I said this is not my cup of tea, but I do not mind finishing up this sock now.
Here is the photo to show you how small the needles are. Our cat Smokey let me to put my knitting on her paw, so you can compare the needles with it. Here is another photo with a pencil (never mind calculus).

I am going to get more of these needles. Good tools are very important for me. I am glad I finally found the time to show them to you.

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