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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Driver's Cap Stories

In Casual, Elegant Knits I have s a few hat designs. I do like hats and enjoy making and wearing them. When Dawn and I were putting our book together, we knew that we should have a hat that complements one of the outfits for a man. The result of our discussion was the Driver's Cap. I am very proud of this design. I think I was able to achieve a good balance of the form for this hat and the fabric that holds this form. The construction of this hat is very much like a real English driver's cap that is sewn from a tweed fabric. I wanted to stay with that look as close as I could. The Close Stitch pattern and slightly multicolored yarn Autunno by Di. VĂ© made the fabric look like a tweed. The first hat I made was a flap. It was fine for a giant, but too big for a normal man's head. The second one came out perfectly and that's the one you see in the book. All of the designs from this book are on Although in the book this hat was introduced as a man's hat, from the very beginning we thought of it as a unisex projects. That's why my Monique is wearing it also. There are already some projects made by knitters from our book. I asked two wonderful knitters if I can brag about them by sharing their photos and Driver's Cap stories. So, with their permission, here is what they write:
Aimee made this hat for her husband as a gift for their 17-year anniversary. She used the yarn called Tweed by Plymouth Yarns. Here is what she said: "Finished this hat while we were in our bed and breakfast room in Mendocino the weekend of our 17 year wedding anniversary! The owners of the inn helped us find some plastic to fit into the brim and all I had left to do was sew it up…Bill proudly wore it into town that evening where we did some shopping and got our massages and to a nice restaurant for dinner…" I think, Aimee, you did a fantastic job! Thank you very much for letting me to share this with everybody. I also want to say thank you to Bill for modeling.

Denise made three hats for Valentine's day gifts. She commented on her page :"It was very refreshing to finally knit a pattern that was ERROR FREE! Yes, people! This pattern is very well written! No need to guess at what stitch comes next, during the decreases!"
She also said about her two hats for her niece: "I have taken pictures of my neice wearing her Suprise Valentine Gift! She started dancing in place, like a little girl when she seen it and could not wait to try on the cap! She loves it so much so, that she wanted to model each colour! Each cap is worn with a top that I have also knitted. Sooo, it looks like I may be making more for my neice!"
Thank you, Denise, for your kind words and excitement about this pattern. You did an incredible job on all three hats! My thanks to both of your models and especially to your beautiful niece who posed for you and I hope she will enjoy wearing the hats you made for her.
It just cannot get any better for me. I love to see that people share my passion for knitting and appreciate what I do. I hope you enjoyed to see other people's projects. If you made something from this book, please let me know. I would love to brag about you here:)

The book can be purchased through Amazon, Martingale and Co., local yarn shops like HeartSrings Yarn Studio, or through this blog.

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