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Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am looking at the beautiful book by Ann McCauley on my desk and do not want to put it back on the shelf. The cover is so beautiful that you want everyone to admire it. When I first looked at this book I was very curious to see what projects does it include. Some books invite you in but there is not much to see after you pass the cover. I was pleasantly surprised to find patterns which are chic, well made, well styled, beautifully photographed, have interesting details, and very flattering for many figure types. There is a variety of patterns for every "knitterly" taste: socks, headbands, skirts, tank tops, cardigans, sweaters, and even a dress. Some are complicated and some are not. The idea of reviving a twinset is taken in this book to a different point from what you normally expect. Ann McCauley offers a thought that a twinset does not have to be a tank plus a cardigan. How about a pullover and wristlets, or a cardigan with matching socks, or a sweater and a skirt? Of course, there are "old" twinsets as we know them as well. Here is one of them. There are plenty of projects to keep your interest no matter how experienced you are. Instructions are very clear.
To explain why the focus of this book is a "twinset" the author writes in her introduction:"...Hollywood in its glamorous era of the 1940s helped make the twinset a star. By 1950s, the twinset was walking the halls of colleges and high schools..." I thought it was beautifully written. There are many interesting twists in this book. For example, the "Alphabet of musing" at the beginning is an interesting read which is full of great tips on knitting techniques as well as tips on how to keep your hands and back from aching when you are working on your projects. We all can use help there. Ann combines her artistic background as a dancer with her passion for knitting in a very unique way that comes through in her designs. She teaches dance, healing arts, and knitting. You can watch her in the Knitty Gritty episode called "Delightful Details". You can meet Ann when you take her classes. Her upcoming classes are at Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival and at the Estes Park Wool Festival on June 10. You can see more of Ann McCauley's designs on her Ravelry page.

I hope I sparked your interest in the work of this designer and you will check her book out. You will see that the book is all what I said and more.

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