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Monday, February 1, 2010

New Yarns For My Stash

As I mentioned before, I brought some new yarn from TNNA. How do I explain what I feel looking at the yarn, touching it, thinking about what I can make from it to a person who does not knit? Well, it is nearly impossible, I think. Yes, you can talk about colors like in a painting, fibers that give you three dimensional prospective and so on. It is more than this, though. There is an interesting and exciting challenge in front of you as a designer or a knitter as you are admiring the yarn. This beautiful thing needs your input to bring it to life, to allow it to display all of the best qualities it has and maybe discover some hidden ones on a way. What garment it wants to be knitted into, what stitch pattern (s) will do the magic? When I teach a class, I like to show the difference between the yarns by bringing a few swatches made in the same stitch pattern, but different yarn. It is just fascinating to me.
Just look at these yarns I brought back from Long Beach. One company that I could not stop thinking about when I came home is Bijou Basin Ranch . The fiber of this yarn is yak. Some yarns are 100% yak and some are mixed with other fibers like alpaca, bamboo, merino wool. You can read about these yarns in more detail here. Here is what said on their website which I cannot agree more : "Designers rave about the knittability and workability of this yarn. Our most affordable blend that is uncompromising in bringing you true Yak softness and quality at a great price. All natural colored fibers are blended to provide yarn colors that are either a heathered grey brown or a rich cream." I do not know if you see what I see, but I love this yarn. I am going to swatch it today, so I can really appreciate the experience of knitting with yak. This is the first for me.
Another company is Louet yarns. It is based in Canada and the yarns it produces are very elegant. They do have variety of fibers and their colors a beautiful. I am not new to this yarns. In our book Casual, Elegant Knits we used linen from this company for making sure that the fabric of these two projects is sturdy. Here are the new yarns that I brought from TNNA. The red one is the mohair and linen combo. It is so much better in real life than you see on the photo. I will have to come up with something for it.
I also brought some other yarns. This is from Karabella yarns. I always loved their yarns. The founder of this company is Berta Karapetyan who came from the former Soviet Union and made it big in NY. Top fashion designers are using her yarns and designs for their knitwear collection.
So, as you see, I added to my stash "a little". Al these yarns inspire me and I am happy to have them, but there is one skein of yarn that is also new in my stash that is very special to me.

Right before my vacation I received a package from my dear friend and a wonderful designer Faina Letoutchaia. If you have read her interview, you know that she spins her own yarn and she is very knowledgeable and good at it. When I opened the package, I saw a skein of yarn there that had colors that I love for myself. I am very happy about this gift and I appreciate all the work that went into it to bring it to this beautiful state. Now I have to think about the project that will complement this beauty. My head is spinning at this point. Do you think I can sort all of my ideas out and calmly decide which I will actually bring to the next level? We will see.

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