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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All Jazzed Up From TNNA

I just got back home from TNNA. What an exciting place that is! I saw new books and got 3 signed to me by the author. This one called Personal Footprints is by Cat Bordhi. The second Knitting Tips & Tricks is by Lily Chin.
I also took classes from both of them this time. And the third book called Knitwear Design Workshop is by Shirley Paden-Bernstein. All three books are wonderful and useful in their own way. I know I will enjoy them very much. There are some other books and magazines that came home with me. I am so glad that I am still on a break from school, so I will have time to enjoy them.

I realize that you have to love the colorful yarns and incredible patterns to appreciate what I am describing. I know my readers do, so I can go on and on about it. The show was in very sunny and warm Long Beach, CA. It was 77 degrees when most of the country was shivering from cold. It was great. My hotel was about 10 min away from the convention center. One morning my friend, who owns a very cute shop in Manzanita, OR called T-spot, and I were walking to the show. A man passed us by and asked:"So, what convention are you attending?" "TNNA", we said. He was puzzled,"What is it?" We explained to him that it is called The National NeedleArts Association. He smiled and said, "Boy, I am sorry I missed this one..." I guess for some people it is funny that there is a big convention for such thing as needle crafts. But if you really know something about it, it is a very big industry that includes yarn companies, shops, publishing houses, designers and many companies that provide tools and gadgets. At this convention they all come together and it is awesome to see it all.

I will have to write about it in small portions. I am sorry about it, but I am very excited right now and I need to calm down, so I can collect my thoughts. I also have to work on two submissions and I have a deadline for a project, so I better do that.
I promise to tell you more soon.

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