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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wooo! Hooo! Mandarins!!

I confessed already a while ago that I love mandarins. Well, it is officially the season for them. You can see them in all stores and in the orchards. I do not have a mandarin tree in my yard, but my neighbor has it right next to our fence and told us long time ago that the branch of the tree that hangs over to our side is ours :):). So, here is what I have right now on that little branch. Isn't it awesome ? They are very sweet and wonderful! I will leave it for my children to pick for our Thanksgiving feast when they will be here.
The Fall is still fighting for its right to stay and the Winter is not really ready to take over or just lazy. So, during the day it is still warm enough to go outside without a warm jacket. At night the Winter is showing its power and it is cold. Most of the trees are loosing their leaves and many are still very beautiful dressed in red, yellow, brown of all shades. My birch tree is still fighting to have some leaves on it. For many years living here I saw snow in town only a few times and mostly just falling, not staying on the ground. If we drive about thirty minutes out of town, we will see the snow in small town called Paradise. Strange, hah? If we really want to see the snow and even ski cross country or down hill, we can drive an hour and a half to get to the Lassen park or two hours and a half to get to Boreal, or the Squaw Valley (the VIII Winter Olympic Games site in 1960). Or... we can stay here and eat mandarins.

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