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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Group on Ravelry

Yesterday I set up a new group on Ravelry for The Designer's Studio. As of now this group has almost 100 members and is growing fast. Designers and knitters are all together in that group. I am having so much fun with this project! All three interviews are a hit. There are many more people sending me their answers to my 15 questions. So, check in back here for new posts.

I have been very busy these days (besides what I already mentioned :)). Our Thanksgiving was very nice. As a devoted (or obsessed?) knitter I could not just sit and watch the movie with the family, so I made a hat from 100% angora that my friend Dawn gave me some time ago. What a luxurious yarn!! My daughter wanted a Dolce Slouch, so this is it.
I am almost done with the tunic, but the collar needs some changes, so a little more work is needed. I am taking an online class from Stefanie Japel right now. She is terrific! I will learn all kinds of things about videos, chats, online classes, and so on. I am very excited about it. You will hear about it more from me as we progress. It is a three-week class.

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