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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Favorite Month of the Year

Ever since my childhood in Russia I loved November. It was the time when you just knew that the winter is coming. Every day it was colder and sometimes snow was falling. Snowflakes were hitting the ground and melted almost right away.
It was almost like the nature was warning us :"The winter is almost here." There was a big change in what we were wearing and ate (it was a very seasonal food back then). For example, mandarins were sold only in November and December. In the evenings we spent more time at home with the family. I can't explain it, but it was very exciting time for me every year. I loved the change around me. Close to November 24th or right on that day snow would fall and stay on the ground. Very clean, new, fresh snow was falling quietly covering the ground...
This feeling never left me. Now, leaving in America for many years, I am looking forward to November with the expectations of comfort, cozy family evenings, lots of knitting time, and my favorite mandarins. We have the best of them growing right here locally. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday that we gladly adapted. I love to cook and I make everything from scratch. Our family has a lot to be thankful for and we are. So, here is the parallel of my life in two different countries. It is amazingly similar in many ways.
And what about the snow, you would ask? It is not that far away in the mountains.

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