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Thursday, October 22, 2009

U-tube videos

Lately, I started to check what is available on U-tube that relates to knitting. Do you know that there are 36, 800 videos that have something to do with knitting? Of course, there are some that you want to choose over others. I always check who made the video. If it is Cat Bordhi, for example. you know that you will get a very good lesson on how to do a certain technique. Here is one of her videos. Another video I like is showing Brioche rib stitch. If you are interested in learning about the Continental style of knitting, this video is good. Magic Cast-on (provisional) presented by Cat Bordhi again. Here is how to join the new ball of yarn by Russian Join. This next video is showing one of the ways knitting with different colors called Fair Isle knitting.
There are too many to mention them all, but I think if you are up to exploring this venue, you can find the ones that become your favorite and keep referring to them as needed. Have fun!

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