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Friday, October 30, 2009

How do you organize your craft tools?

When I am asking designers about their studios, I really mean the place where they keep their yarn, needles, all the gadgets, and if they are lucky and have a separate room for all this. Some of them even have enough room to work there. Either you are a designer or a knitter who is serious about the craft, you keep your stash and tools in a certain place. So, what is it? A room, a closet, a desk, a sofa?
Let me share about my lucky situation. I have a room that I call my studio. I have my stash, all the tools, my steamer, the yarn winder, a drafting table and another bigger table that has two purposes: a blocking table and a working table. I also have my Monique in the corner. Oh, yes, and I have two knitting machines there. Now, if you think that my room is big, you are mistaken. It is a small room. Only one person can maneuver around there. I have to be very organized, otherwise no luck finding anything there. So I will share with you how I keep the order there. All my yarns are in these see-through plastic boxes that you can get in the craft store. They are intended for scrapbooking. I love them. Not only I use them to store yarn, I use one box for each project where all yarn, tools, sketches, etc for this project goes. This way I am not loosing anything. I take this box with me to my knitting circle and anywhere else.
My double-pointed needles are living in this art supply tool for brushes and my circular needles rest on the back of my door in the case I made. Once in a while it gets messy anyway, but it helps me a lot to have it organized. I always (well, almost always) know where my tools are which helps me to speed the project.
By the way, if you are interested where I got my "heads", I will tell you. My hairstylist is teaching new fresh from beauty school graduates. They start with long hair cuts, go to medium hair and end with a short haircut. When they are done with a "head", it goes to the garbage, or in my case :)... to me.
So, tell me about your place.

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