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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Knitted Pieces of My History

I promised to explain the idea that came to my head when I was taking photos of Black Sea skirt on Monique. So, here it is. I have some knitted garments from the time I lived in Russia. Since I was 8 years old, I was knitting and crocheting most of my family's warm clothes. When I was leaving Russia, I gave away most of it to my friends and relatives. I brought very little with me due to the fact that there were more important things to take when you are immigrating with your husband and a little kid to another country. I still have some clothes from that time though. So, my idea is that I should at least take photographs of what is left for history of my family. Well, for me mostly right now. My kids do love to see it too.
This is my favorite little cardigan that I made when my son was about 4 years old. It is made out of pure wool of fingering weight that I had to triple to get the DK weight. The crocheted buttons are made with plastic rings. Russian stores were not bursting from abundance of buttons at that time:) Please look closely at the way that button band is attached. It is a very tedious work, but it is worth it. I am going to recreate this cardi and write the pattern for it. I think it is a very classic design and very wearable for many occasions.
So, this is one of the pieces that I have.
Another one is a little sweater for my son. It is very simple and looks like it is made for a kid in Oxford or something like that. For me and for all of us in the family it is a treasure.
Last month I got this shawl from my dear sister -in-law. I always wanted an Orenburg Shawl and she knew about it. Here is a story of these beautiful shawls. You also can see two books written by Galina Khmeleva, designer who lives here in America. She has her own website and she teaches all over the country. So, Monique is wearing Orenburg shawl. Enjoy!


Jasmin said...

GORGEOUS! Galina is so great- we actually got her to do an episode with us, and WOW, it was amazing.

Unknown said...

I know. I listened to it. You guys are great!