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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book signing at Knitique

It just happened that the last weekend was full of events for me. I was joining my husband for a banquet at the math conference at UC Davis. He wanted to be in Davis at 9 am, so he can go to the talks by famous mathematicians and I was supposed to hang around until 7pm (banquet time). So, I frantically started to search yarn shops in that area. After some search online, I have found the website for Knitique. When I looked there, the first thing I saw was a photo of a knitter wearing a Two-Way Beanie, which is one of my designs. I was very flattered and wrote to Danielle Bowen, the owner, that I will be in the area and would love to come over. I also offered her to bring all our projects from "Casual, Elegant Knits" for a one-day trunk show. Danielle thought that it is a great idea and, although it was a very short notice, advertised my book signing and a trunk show. I am so glad that I visited this shop. It is a cute yarn shop in Elk Grove, CA. Danielle and her staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and excited about knitting.
On this photo you see left to right Beth, who came to show her wonderful cashmere Apr├Ęs Surf Hoodie, by Connie Chang Chinchio that she just finished, Susan who was so great in helping me to set everything up, and Danielle who is always with the big smile helping her customers.
There are so many things going on every day. Classes are taught, projects are made with supervision of Danielle who is knitting since she was a child, friendships are formed, finished garment are shown and praised, photos are taken for blog posting, cakes are served, stories are shared. I loved to see all that. This is Cora who is one of the regulars at the shop. She and other knitters were sitting at the table and were knitting away. Diane is on the left. She wants to make some of the projects from our book and you see her looking at them. I do not have a photo of Jeannie, but she came to see me and said that she loves my beanie pattern and made all kinds of changes to the pattern to come up with a different look of that hat. It sounded like she had a lot of fun with that pattern. I am so glad. Our book had a special spot. Susan and I worked hard to display the garments throughout the shop. Here are the pictures of the trunk show. You can see that it was all over the shop.I was in the company of people who love to knit and know about yarn and newly published books and patterns. Here are some pictures I took there. I had so much fun that it was hard for me to leave. I am sure I will keep in touch with Danielle. As a matter of fact, while we were talking, we understood that we did see each other before at TNNA last January. We were taking a class together from Stefanie Japel. The world is small…

I came back to Davis on time for a banquet and continued to have a good time with friends.


Connie said...

Do you have a picture of Beth wearing her Apres Surf Hoodie? :)

I like Davis. My brother went to undergrad there. I'm glad you had fun and managed to squeeze in a trunk show too - that's multitasking!

Unknown said...

Hi Connie, I do not have the photo, but I can ask Danielle to send me one. She took it.

Connie said...

Thanks, Faina! But don't worry if you can't get it easily... I was just curious :)