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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sock Summit in Portland, OR

You might know about this. Today is the first day of Sock Summit 2009. Many people will enjoy all kinds of activities connected with socks. Classes are taught by teachers who introduce different techniques. They even have a Sock Museum where you can see the development of socks through the history. Pretty wild! Stephanie Pearl-McPhee gave an opening speach tonight. I am telling you all this from my home. No, I did not go to Portland. I have many things that I have to do here instead. Honestly, I am not big on making socks. I made my first pair when I was 8 and most people were making socks to keep warm. These days socks have their own chapter in knitting. So many books are out there with beautiful and creative socks!! Unbelievable! Maybe I will designs a pair or two to get the buzz out of my head.
If I did have time, I would go to the summit to hear legendary Barbara Walker speak. Here is an old entry of Donna Druchunas about Barbara on her blog. Here is another blogger Claudia had a grand time with Barbara herself. We all know Barbara's books. She put together A Treasury of Knitting Patterns that is a collection of patterns that any knitter must have. I am hoping to hear soon what is going on at the Summit in all the details. ve had no end of trouble convincing people that they are serious, but serious it is. Mayor Sam Adams has declared the week of the Summit, Sock Knitting Week in Portland.

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