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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Local Farmers Market

I have been in many farmers markets in my life. I grew up in the city with a few huge markets and a trip to any of them was always an exciting event for me. I love the smell of fresh produce, the color, the form, and the texture you see around you. I love watching people- sellers and buyers alike. I love to hear little conversations that occur between strangers when they interact for a fraction of a minute. There is something about the atmosphere at a farmers market in America that makes everyone friendly and peaceful. This is not the case in some other countries when you come to buy food that is not available at the usual grocery store and you have to pay much more at the market.
Now I live in a city that is small enough that on Saturday if you come to the farmers market you will bump at least one person you know. Call me weird, but I normally like to meet no one when I go to the store or the market. I am on a mission of choosing the best produce for me and, like I said before, I want to watch people and not to engage in any long conversations. I want to be in a crowd alone, if you know what I mean.
Yesterday I went to our local market and I saw people I did not see for some time. We stopped and talked. In about 15 min our little group grew to about 10 people we all knew. You want to know the reason? A little baby boy who came with his parents (we saw his father growing up here) and proud grandparents. It was very nice. I enjoyed to see all of them.
What about my shopping? I almost had no time for it, but look what I got. My house smells so wonderfully fresh and my cat enjoyed some of the leaves also. We had a huge salad for dinner.
I am working on the pattern of my latest project for Interweave Knits. The project itself is on its way, but I am putting last touches on the written part and sending it tomorrow. Oh, how I wish I could share the photos of it with you. I think it looks very good. For now you just have to trust me:)
When my brain does not work anymore, I progress little-by-little on the crochet hat that I showed you before.
It doesn't look as much of a progress, but... if you compare with the first one... The band is done and now I will be adding the hat's body. Since this is an in-between project, I do not have any particular plan, but I do like the look so far. Looking through my books I have found the stitch that I might do next. Just think green and yellow instead. What do you think? I need to use both yarns for two reasons: that's all I have and the hat has to go with this scarf. I have something else to show you, but I will have to do it next time. So, come back and I will tell you all about it.

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