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Monday, August 31, 2009

Crazy About Skirts

I do not know what it is with me, but I always loved skirts. I love to wear them. I love to design them. I love to sew them and knit them. I love to pay attention to details on skirts when I see other people wearing them. You can do so much with skirts. Find the right length for you to complement your best figure features and you will look good in it. Wearing a slip under the knitted skirt is a must to keep it in shape. Do you know why I am talking about skirts? I just finished knitting another one. For some time now I wanted to re-knit Black Sea skirt from Knitting in the Sun using a warmer yarn and wear it in winter. So I did. I used Galway Colornep from Plymouth Yarns that I had in my stash for some time. From my swatch it was very obvious that I had to use a smaller needle than it was used in my pattern. It actually turned out very nicely. I styled it on Monique with the dark red shirt and it picked up the red speckles from the yarn. While I was taking this picture, another idea came to my mind. I will share it with you in a day or two. You will love it.

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