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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Berroco's KnitBits

I am slowly moving back to my house. Do any of you feel that when you come back to a familiar place after a long time it looks very different? When I was a child, my parents sent me to a monthly camp outside the city. I had the same feeling coming back. Our apartment looked very spacious and different to me every time. So here I am after 6 months of absence from my home and feeling that I am looking at my house through a different set of eyes. This has led to some rearranging of the furniture, thousands of books onto new bookshelves, organization of our clothes closet (YAY!!), and some bathroom refurbishing. It will take two more weeks to get it all done, but I am up to knitting and designing in the midst of it all. Tonight I am meeting with my knitting friends. I am very happy to see them. I cannot believe myself, but I did not visit my friends at the local yarn shop HeartStrings Yarn Studio yet. I will make sure to do this soon.

Meanwhile, Knitting in the Sun is doing very well. Berroco’s newsletter advertised the book and showed 4 patterns made out of their yarn. Guess what, my skirt Black Sea is featured there among the four designs. I got quite a traffic from that to my Ravelry page and to my blog.

I am knitting this skirt now for myself. The yarn I am using is Galway by Plymouth and I love the look of it so far.

I am working on a new design. Here is a swatch for it. You will have to wait a bit for more details on this one. I have a few projects with yarn ready to start, but the project that goes with this swatch is first in line.

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