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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Six months flew by so quickly in our “dacha” (summer house in Russian) as we call our apartment here in Stanford. It is time to say goodbye. It was good for us to get away and the time we spent here was used to the fullest. My husband had a blast teaching and doing research in one of the most dynamic places in the world and I had tons of opportunities to explore the knitting world in this area. I went to TNNA, Stitches West, yarn shops, took some classes, got to know many people in the industry, knitted all the time either some projects for publications, samples, or swatches for different reasons. We visited with many friends we have here, gone to the concerts, restaurants, museums, you name it.
But it is time to go back. I really want to go home to my usual surroundings, to my friends, my students, and many other things I managed to live without all this time. I know I will miss my yoga classes, walks, and many other things that this area has to offer, but it is not that far and we will be back. As I am saying goodbye to my friends, I thank the Internet big time. I keep in touch with people from all over and it does not matter where we all are. So, I do not know if I am really saying goodbye to all this. I could put it this way: I enriched my life by spending these months here and my experiences are going to stay with me. So, goodbyes go to our little “dacha” only. And I am ready for that.

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Anonymous said...

Faina~ One goodbye is another Hello! It will be good to see you and say hello soon!