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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Going to yoga class is doing wonders. It is an amazing place and I join people who are able to isolate themselves from the world for an hour. It is contagious. I just wish I can do what they can. I have to be patient and I will be there. I am not new to yoga, but I had a big break, so I have to be at the beginner’s level. It is fine with me.
Walking and hiking was always my first choice of exercise. I love to walk for 2-3 hours and listen to the music or just look around and think. I do not do it every day. There is so much to do in a day that 3 hours devoted to just walking seems insane. I try to go for one hour instead. This I can justify.
Knitting. Well, if you read my blog, you know by now that this is one of the things I just have to do. I got this bug at 8 years old and it never left me.
So, conclusion is: if I am able to do all three every day, I am happy; all other things are done and all people around me are dealing with the happy person. Can we all vote for all three components be accomplished daily? Anyone out there feel the same? What makes you calm and happy?

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Anonymous said...

My three components would be:

Drinking Coffee

and not always in that order!

Isn't it great when everything comes together!