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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Using Excel for calculations in design work

I have to say that Excel is a wonderful program. It can do so much when you know how to use it. My knowledge of it after taking classes and using it for work is still very minimal. I am working on expanding it at least to the point that I am not spending hours on grading for sizes (calculating all the numbers for about five different sizes). My few templates are done now in a way that I can manipulate them for different stitch patterns. It is still work, but the organized one. Designer Marnie MacLean has a great tutorial on how to use Excel for designing purposes. I followed her format, but changed many entries to fit my own logic as I follow the pattern and calculations needed. She has other free tutorials as well, if you are interested.

Did I mention that my daughter made a very nice brunch for me on Mother's Day? We started with this wine that she brought from her recent trip to Napa Valley's Hess vineyards. After some wine and cheeses we had a delicious salad with shrimps followed by fruits. I felt very special. So nice to have grown children.

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