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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Top Down Sweater

I have a little break between patterns and wanted to comment on top down sweaters. My latest design is worked from the neck. This is going to sound nostalgic, but many, many years ago, when I lived in Russia, I made lots of sweaters from top down. I guess I was tired of it and for many years I did not use this construction. Last January I went to TNNA in San Diego and took a class taught by Stefanie Japel . I loved the calculation method she introduced in this class. I always used the neck circumference as a stepping stone. She is going off the shoulder width. This picture was taken after the class. It is me, Stefanie and Simona Merchant Dest. Simona and I had a lot of fun at TNNA. I wish we lived closer, so we could see each other not only at TNNA.
Back to the top down construction. If you never tried it, I recommend it highly. It is a very fast knit. Not so fast to design this way with a complicated stitch pattern. I just did this and told my husband that if this exercise for my brain will not help me with Alzheimer's, I do not know what will. But seriously, I loved it. I am going to do more of this. If you are interested in this construction and want to learn more about it, I recommend these two books: Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel and Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. Both books have very nice patterns and written in a way that you can learn and do your own design.
Enough of a break. Need to write two more patterns.

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