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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brioche in Green

Before I tell you about the scarf, I wanted to mention that Marnie MacLean interviewed me and a few other designers on her blog right here. If you read my blog, you saw my plates. One of them was this one. The yarn is Lorna's Laces of two colors and the pattern is from Casual, Elegant Knits. As you see I had such fun at the "photo shoot" of this scarf. When we were working on this book, I wanted to make sure that the "usual thing" with brioche does not happen with this scarf. If you are not familiar with this basic brioche stitch you probably do not know that if you do not take special care of the edges, one side of the scarf will bow out and the other one will be straight. It took me some trying and figuring out before I got this result. Do you see my nice edges? Now you can do this too. It is part of the pattern. The stitch pattern is easy and the final product is lovely and soft .


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely yarn and scarf! I tried working the Brioche stitch when the "Sweet Honey Beret" came out and it had me stumped! For now I have set it aside as something to work on when I want a challenge.

Take Care


Unknown said...

Hi Julie,
thank you. Did you see the video on my blog for the Sweet Honey Beret? It is taking you through the hard part of the pattern. I hope you will make the beret. It is so much fun.