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Monday, April 20, 2009

Knitting in a very hot apartment

O.K. I think this must be a test of my devotion to knitting and designing. My little apartment here is getting pretty warm during the day. I mean really warm. I do not even know the correct temperature since the thermostat has only 90 as a highest degree and its hand goes beyond the limit. So, I think it is safe to assume it is more than 90 degrees here.
I am knitting anyway and progressing well with one project that has a close deadline. I guess I am devoted to knitting.
My cat befriended the only fan we have. She was scared of it before, now she is finding a spot right next to it. It is cooler now, so back to knitting.


Anonymous said...

I feel very much for you and the kitty. How is your husband doing in this heat?

Did you ever try these:
I reccommend it very much! I do not go to work in my garden without one on the head and one on the neck, another one cooling in the fridge and I put them on my wrists when I am knitting in summer.

Unknown said...

Thank you, I have never heard about these hats.