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Friday, April 3, 2009

Ethnic Knitting Exploration Blog Tour announcement

Donna Druchunas has launched yet another book. I am happy to participate in her blog tour. My day is April 12th. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about this book and Donna going through these fabulous blogs:

April 1___Theresa Walunas of The Keyboard Biologis

April 2___Lorraine Ehrlinger of Lorrieknitsandsews

April 3___Jean Clement of Desert Rose Designs

April 4___Lynn Hershberger of ColorJoy

April 5___Katherine Vaughan of Knit with KT

April 6___Amy O'Neill Houck of The Hook and I

April 7___Wannietta Prescod of What’s Wannietta Knitting Today?

April 8___Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten of The Fiber Forum

April 9___Peggy Gaffney of Kanine Knits

April 10__Deb Robson of The Independent Stitch

April 11__Joanne Conklin of Rhythm Of The Needles

April 12__Faina Goberstein (You are here with me)

April 13__Shannon Okey of

April 14__Leanne Dyck of Designer's Note

April 15__Kat Coyle of Coiled

April 16__Daniel Yuhas of Tatting My Doilies

April 17__Kristi Geraci of Knitters Anonymous

April 18__Karin Maag-Tanchak of Knitting &

April 19__Carol Sulcoski of Go Knit In Your Hat

April 20__Cindy Moore of fitterknitter

April 21__Margit Sage of Fiber Fiend

April 22__Audrey Knight of AudKnits

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