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Monday, February 2, 2009

Playing With Dolls

When I was little, I loved to play with my paper dolls that friend of mine drew for me. I did not really play; I made hundreds of paper outfits for them. I guess, designing ;)
Recently I have learned about 18" doll of the brand "American Girl". Do you know about it? Well, the doll can be bought as it is or ordered to be looking like a part of your family. You also can get matching outfits with your doll. And this goes on and on. Apparently, I am out of the loop on this one. There is a big movement now on making some clothes for these dolls. There are books with patterns already sold, but more are coming. I had a chance to play with that idea today. I was in disadvantage because I have never seen this doll and you can buy them online mostly, but Target (silly me) or Toys R Us do not have them. Since I did not want to spend $100 and wait until it arrives, I looked up online a measurements chart for the doll's body. I approached my drawing as a drafting project with an engineering scale in hand. When I finished, my husband carefully (he did not want to offend my artist's skills) said: "Do you think she looks like this?" Well, I had no idea, but I know what he meant - the body was very square and very short from the waist up. Let's just say that this body form was not very inspiring for a knitwear designer.
As embarrassing as it was, I took the drawing to the local Sunday knitting group and asked knowledgeable people if these dolls look like this. To make this story short (shorter), I had to change doll's body. I came up with a few projects proposal for it and my day was over. I played all day with this. Wow! I thought am a grownup.

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