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Friday, February 20, 2009

Coming Soon: A Blog Tour For a New and Fun Knitting Book

I am very happy to tell you about the new book called Tops & Toes A Whimsical Collection to Delight Hat & Sock Knitters. The Publisher is House of White Birches. I already have the copy of this book and let me tell you that if you are looking for a small and quick knit project - you will love it. There are 39 projects in this book. Here is the cover.
Kara Gott Warner ,the editor of this book, is a very talented designer and illustrator herself. Her taste and knowledge in design and book layout shows all throughout this book. The patterns are different and make you want to knit them. The page design reflects the pattern. It is very easy to navigate the pattern itself. In other words, if you get this book into your hands, it is hard to put it back on the shelf. You want to own it.
Are you intrigued enough? Do you want to know more about the projects and the designers who contributed to Tops & Toes? Well, you are in luck:)
Starting tomorrow there will be a blog tour for this book. You can meet the designers and see the projects. Here is the schedule of the tour:

2/21- Sarah Wilson
2/22- Jennifer Tallapaneni
2/23- Erika Flory
2/24- Erssie Major
2/25- Ann Squire
2/26- Faina Goberstein
2/27- Celeste Pinheiro
2/28- Kara Gott Warner
3/01- Joanne Seiff
3/02- Cindy Moore
3/03- Sean Higgins
Do you see my name there? Yes, I am taking part in this tour. And yes, I have my design in this book. I am planning on a fun outing with three other designers, so try not to miss the tour. It will be fun, I promise.

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Kara Gott Warner said...

Don't miss the first interview on Sarah Wilson's blog- I'm holding a contest! The first person to comment on Sarah's blog wins a t-shirt designed by me!