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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Knitscene Winter 2008/Spring 2009

Today the website of Knitscene magazine posted a preview of their new issue. I was not very anxious this time, because I was lucky enough to pick up a copy at the TNNA. I am always excited to see photos of my designs. I have two of them in this issue. The photos are a courtesy of Knitscene. The talented photographer is Amanda Stevenson Lupke.
Here is the Broad Street Hoodie. I was planning to make it from the Mission Falls boucle´, but the editor suggested a different yarn: Halcyon Yarn, Casco Bay Worsted. For me it was the first time working with this yarn. I loved it. It was just right for the look I wanted to achieve. The pictures in the magazine are excellent , but do not show my buttons on the left edge of the hoodie because of the frame around the page.Here
you can see them clearly. I thought they nicely finished the look.

My Monique never misses the opportunity to try something on before anyone sees it. She has to be the first model. I do not argue with her. After all I want to see how it looks on her also. So this is Monique modeling my Broad Street Hoodie.

I made the second hoodie using wool from Filatura di Crossa 501. Of course, I had to recalculate a bit, but it was not bad. It is not a rugged look anymore and it goes with nice jeans or a skirt. My daughter got this one. She did not want the buttons on the bottom, so there are no buttons there. I think that the next one will be for me☺
It is a very easy pattern. You work in the round for most of the project and it goes fast.

The second design is the Patchwork Hat. To be totally honest I was upset when I saw the yarn that was chosen by the magazine. I thought it will not complement the stitch patterns. But now I know that I should trust the taste of people whose job is in the fashion industry. This was also a new yarn for me. It is Merino Alpaca (can’t go wrong there) from ShibuiKnits.

I loved to work with this yarn and loved how the yarn showed the stitch patterns. It looks so yummy in the end product. I am very happy with the model for both of my patterns. It is the same young woman who modeled my Sweet Honey Beret in the last Interweave Knits.

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