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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Domestic Me

I think if you have a creative gene, you are not restricting yourself to one medium. I do love to create through knitting, but I also love photography (I am planning to learn more about it), cooking and house decorating among other things. This is a prelude to what I am going to share with you. Normally I cook very simple dishes. Who has the time, right? When we have someone over for a nice dinner, I am using this opportunity to create something that I will be happy about. Most of the time, I am not following any recipes, I just do it. When it comes to baking, I have learned my lessons (note: plural) and I am not experimenting almost ever (I cannot help myself sometimes). When we were in Australia, I learned to do this airy cake called Pavlova. Almost every restaurant has it there. It is named after a Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. It has no fat, just egg whites and sugar with the topping of non-fat cool-whip mixed with Amarreto liqueur. Let me know, if you want the recipe.

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