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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My favorite time of the year

I had a very relaxing day today. Do you want to know what I was up to? ... I was driving around and taking pictures to the point that my camera was out of breath. You see, for a few weeks now we have the most beautiful fall weather. Imagine that you actually could ask for a certain weather and get your wish granted. Well, it does feel that we got our wish come true. All the plants and trees are celebrating. Every tree has its own color set. We live in the valley and many trees that you see in town are not native here. It is very amusing to see a palm tree, a birch, a maple, a walnut tree, a pomegranate, and an orange tree on one street or on the same property. Although it is unheard of to have them side-by-side, they make a great tree bouquet. I let you enjoy it now.

This was the tree next to some house. While I was taking a picture a woman who lives in that house came home. I do not want even to know what she was thinking when she saw me...

Some trees lost most of the leaves and look like a drama queen.

This group of beauties is on my campus. I always drive by and hope to find the time to stop and take a picture. Today I did.

Do you see what I mean? I almost missed the opportunity. Since it is very warm (we are still in T-shirts here), this part of fall is very short in Northern CA. Next will be rain and all the leaves end up on the ground. Right now the evenings are cool. I love to knit during this weather.
I am working on some projects that I can not share, but I started something for my daughter out of my stash!!! I am so happy that I can use some of my yarn. It was the yarn that I bought for the Elongated Neck Tunic from the Casual, Elegant
, but it was not right for it.

This is the new project from stash.

I did finish the Red Waves beret.
Well, back to knitting.

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