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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What are you knitting?

I am always curious to see what other people are working on . I am known to ask "What are you knitting?" once I know that I am talking to a knitter. Many people are also asking me the same question. Since I am knitting every day, I have many things planned and started and I have a hard time to answer this question. Some of my projects are for publications and some for me or my family. I cannot talk about the publications, so I will talk about some of the things I am working on. Here is one of them. I am almost done with the brown sweater for myself. I loved to work with Louisa Harding's silk and the color of dark chocolate.

Since this is the time of my "show and tell", or more likely my "confession" about the projects that are still on the needles for some time now, here is my silky cardigan that I started in April. It is one of the projects that I keep for the times like my Knitting Circle that I lead on Wednesdays. I do not need to concentrate on it, just a "non-brainer" kind of knitting.

It will have short sleeves and the opening in the front. I cannot wait to finish it. I think it will be very nice and it will go with so many colors in my wardrobe.
The Red Waves Beret is from the "Casual, Elegant Knits". I had to start it to check the pattern. I do not mind doing it. I will be so happy to wear it. It is my color and I am very proud of this design. I have many other projects in my plans. They need to wait a little bit. There is one more thing I am working on. It is my old pattern called "Slippers with Aura" I need to have a better photo for them, so I have decided to redo the slippers. They are very fuzzy and fun to knit. I will post it when I am done with it.

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