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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is Fall Coming?

California is not in a hurry to say goodbye to summer. We still see about 80 degrees during the day. Trees are slowly turning color and loosing some leaves, but it is not feeling like a fall yet. I am torn between wanting a nice cool weather and enjoying the weather we have now. I know, I know. People who live on the East coast and in the Midwest already have their chilly days and miss the warm weather. Actually, our fall here is short and beautiful. I love all the colors of fall. I grew up in Russia in a city called Samara with four distinct seasons that took turns and had time to show all the assets. It is hard to find a good website with pictures of Samara. Most of people who post about it are missioners, so they are taking pictures of many churches. Here are some pictures of the city and the river called Volga. Some day I will tell you more about it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What are you knitting?

I am always curious to see what other people are working on . I am known to ask "What are you knitting?" once I know that I am talking to a knitter. Many people are also asking me the same question. Since I am knitting every day, I have many things planned and started and I have a hard time to answer this question. Some of my projects are for publications and some for me or my family. I cannot talk about the publications, so I will talk about some of the things I am working on. Here is one of them. I am almost done with the brown sweater for myself. I loved to work with Louisa Harding's silk and the color of dark chocolate.

Since this is the time of my "show and tell", or more likely my "confession" about the projects that are still on the needles for some time now, here is my silky cardigan that I started in April. It is one of the projects that I keep for the times like my Knitting Circle that I lead on Wednesdays. I do not need to concentrate on it, just a "non-brainer" kind of knitting.

It will have short sleeves and the opening in the front. I cannot wait to finish it. I think it will be very nice and it will go with so many colors in my wardrobe.
The Red Waves Beret is from the "Casual, Elegant Knits". I had to start it to check the pattern. I do not mind doing it. I will be so happy to wear it. It is my color and I am very proud of this design. I have many other projects in my plans. They need to wait a little bit. There is one more thing I am working on. It is my old pattern called "Slippers with Aura" I need to have a better photo for them, so I have decided to redo the slippers. They are very fuzzy and fun to knit. I will post it when I am done with it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

I was so busy with some deadlines and the blog tour that I had no time to post this. I also waited for the pictures. Kimberlee Wheeler, the wonderful Community Relations Manager of our B&N, took these pictures of us. She did such a great job on organizing the event! We had many people attending and it felt like a big party.
I made a Power Point presentation about the book and Kimberlee asked next-door neighbors, The Circut City, for a flat TV. We were so pleased to see 72" TV rolled in by two guys who actually knew how to connect my laptop to it.

The atmosphere was very informal and people were asking many questions. Here is Dawn talking about our projects.

All the projects were displayed on mannequins, but some had to rest on the book stands.

This sweater had to lean on the magazines. It had a big support from Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits along with other craft and fashion magazines. It would be very lonely otherwise.

Some people came very prepared and did not waste any time.

There was a little girl of 8 years old who was knitting away. It was very symbolic for me since I started to knit at her age. Too bad I have no pictures of her. She was so cute.

Nobody wanted to leave, so they were looking at the projects, talking to each other and to us. We were signing books at the table covered with stuff. You hardly see Dawn who is signing the book behind the poster.

It is a memorable day for us and we are glad that so many people came to celebrate with us the launch of our book. Do you want to know what did we do after that? Well, Dawn had her family visiting from Sacramento and Arizona. My husband and I joined them for a nice early dinner at our local Sierra Nevada Brewery. So, cheers!!

(from the beer blog.)